Thank you letter from Biggar family

Posted on 22/04/2020 by MIPF

On behalf of the whole Biggar family, I wanted to say a huge thank you for the extraordinary generosity shown by the Murrayfield Injured Players' Foundation in supporting Dad in his walking challenge, and in donating such a huge sum to NHS Charities Together. It is this sort of thing that really sets rugby apart from other sports; the camaraderie and altruism offered in times of need.

If you know Dad, or remember him from his playing days, you will be buoyed to know that he still attacks life with the same sense of determination, grit and commitment as he took onto the rugby field. He is a true inspiration to us all, and his unerring positive attitude despite the adversities he has encountered is frankly baffling. We are all so very proud of him every day, and particularly now in him taking up this amazing challenge to support the tireless work of the NHS.

Thank you again for what is a truly humbling gesture, we appreciate it so much. Please do continue to follow Dad's challenge as he's not looking like slowing up any time soon!

All the best

George Biggar